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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is MBM year 2008 Compliant?

A: Yes we are. We have tested with Blue cross Blue Shield, Medicare Medicaid and other clearing houses and we are currently compliant for the mew millennium.

Q: Are you capable of submitting claims in the NSF ( National Standard Format )?

A: Yes, we are 100% ready. Although there are some minor differences in the standard formatting amongst the carriers, we are capable to submit medical claims to all carriers requiring NSF.

Q: Does Medicare mandate electronic billing?

A: Only in seven states at this time. However it will be something to not look forward to. Once that happens you can be assured the major insurance carriers will follow this standard.

Q: How does Electronic Medical Billing work?

A: It is actually quite simple. The patient information and procedures are transmitted via modem with the free software we provide your practice anywhere in the USA by your medical claims processing clerk. The patient information will be sent to us directly where we edit and submit electronically to the appropriate insurance carriers. This avoids double data entries and lessens any human error.

Q: Do medical records ever leave my office?

A: No - All your hard copy medical records stay in the office. Your records are submitted to us directly from the computer in your office. We then electronically edit the entries before submission, not once but three times . This assures both of us the claims will be submitted 99% error free. If a record is in error when we receive it then we notify you to make the necessary corrections and then we will edit again and submit to the Insurance Carriers without a resubmission fee.

Q: Does MBM show best effort for Medicare Co-pay?

A: Yes this service is available - MBM realizes the importance of billing Medicare patients at least three times as stated by law to avoid the $10,000.00 fine imposed on the health care providers for not making three attempts to collect co-payment from the Medicare patient.

Q: What insurance carriers do you work with?

A: All major Insurance Carriers, private and government are accessed by MBM. If we do not have current access to an insurance carrier, then we simply modify our system to accommodate them when possible. Otherwise the medical claim will be presented as a paper claim at no additioal fees.

Q: What about co-insurance carriers for my patients?

A: We at MBM have the capabilities to submit to three insurance carriers at one time. Anything beyond three carriers will require a manual entry by the MBM staff. However this is rare.

Q: How many Medical providers will your system handle?

A: Up to 9,999 medical providers, we consider one practice with 1 or more doctors as one medical provider. However we will limit the number of medical providers we process claims for in order to maintain our good service policies.

Q: What about software and my in house staff support?

A: You may use your existing software or purchase ours. We have local and nationwide support staff available 10 hours per day 6 days a week.

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